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Dec 9, 2013 1:50am EST
david cameron and members of the house of common will offer tributes to nelson mandela who died on thursday at the age of 95. live coverage from parliament beginning at 9:30 a.m. eastern on c-span 2. >> next is a discussion on women in politics. kagan --ear from elena kagan.ena span, offering complete gavel coverage of the u.s. house , all as a public service of private industry. c-span, created by the cable tv industry and funded by your local cable or satellite provider. you can watch us in hd. years ago, a woman become the first american woman to address a legislative body. discussionpan, a honoring this early feminist and a look at women in politics today. from simmons college in boston, this does just over two hours. ♪ [applause] welcome, everyone. moderator.our we are here tonight to explore how women become political. we will look at the past, pressing, and consider the future. there will be remarks in a panel discussion. elizabeth warren is unable to meet us because she needs to be in washington. someone has to work. she is there to work in the senate. [cheers and appl
Dec 8, 2013 11:25pm EST
's fascinating to me that both timothy mcveigh and nelson mandela used the same motto and guys like tom jones, white working class who makes common cause with those below him rather then turns him into the enemy. >> host: is the thomas frank what's the matter with kansas idea that you quote in the book which is this argument you're hating the wrong people. like instead of taking the clifford powers that have shifted your job completely overseas and forgot about you you hate the people below you, you hate women, black people. >> guest: i have great respect for that argument as well because i think that there is a kind of distraction going on very often and it's a very seductive distraction. >> host: one of your most original chapters is about the rampage shooter and what we did wrong and you sort of reconceive who he is. can you talk about that? >> host: the school shooter. >> guest: i also have a chapter on the guys that go postal. >> host: i mean the young school shooters, like the columbine and those guys. just cut i'm flattered that you think i have a new take on this and what do you think
Search Results 0 to 1 of about 2